Accommodation and routes

Spacious and romantic
Excellent 8 day itineraries

Dedicated Crew

Locally owned and operated

Sailing boat

Motorized schooner with 7000 square foot sails

Yacht capacity

The Beagle can have 14 guests on board

About the Beagle

The Beagle is named after the HMS Beagle, on which Charles Darwin made his famous voyage to the Galapagos Islands.

Wide and spacious decks in comfortable seating areas allow passengers to enjoy the sun, the landscapes and observe wildlife. A magnificent 105-foot twin screw steel-hulled brigantine with teak decks and beautifully designed interiors.The Beagle is one of a class by itself among sailing yachts in the Galapagos. She was built by Cubow Ltd. in Woolwich, England, in the 1970’s and registered with Lloyd’s (number Y 195095), but her designer is unknown.

Meals are a fusion of Ecuadorian and international cuisine and are served al- fresco or in the dining room inside. A coffee and tea station, a well stocked bar and snacks are also available for passengers.

She’s been a charter vessel in the Islands for over a decade and has been substantially refurbished by Galapagos Experience.

The M/S Beagle holds the Smart Voyager Certification due to its conservation practices.

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Smart Voyager certificate:
Because of a deep concern for the conservation of these Enchanted Isles with their increasing population of close to 25,000 people (2006), The Beagle’s management endeavours to use locally produced goods and services, maintaining its main offices in Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island. The Beagle has been awarded the Smart Voyager certificate, which is granted to tourist operations after careful inspection of their adherence to sound conservation practices.

Photo Gallery

The underwater world was impressive, we saw hammer head sharks, sea rays and marine turtles. Playful sea lion were following us all the way!

Richard - Januaray 2018

Our time on board The Beagle was truly amazing. The crew and the food were excellent; we loved every minute of it!  

Roy & Anita - Cruise date December 5 / 2017