Samba Essential Features

  • Isolated visitor Sites
  • Top Naturalist Guide
  • Excellent service and safety
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Environmentally friendly

Technical Specifications

Category: Tourist Superior Class
Capacity: 14 passengers
Sail: Stabilizing sails
Accommodation: 6 air-conditioned double cabins + 1 exterior double cabin
Gear: Snorkeling equipment and wet suits included

About the Samba

The Samba is a Dutch-built, charming private yacht with teakwookd decks, which was perfectly transformed to cruise the Galapagos Islands.

Our dedicated crew and guides are devoted to go the mile to make your journey the trip of a life time.

The Upper deck features an outside dining area and a shaded area ideal for bird and marine life observation.

On the main deck, you have plenty of space to sunbath and relax. You can also read in our library, which doubles as the briefing room to talk about the next day activities.

The ample and comfortable space on deck makes this boat ideal for nature and photography cruises.

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Smart Voyager certificate:
Because of a deep concern for the conservation of these Enchanted Isles with their increasing population of close to 25,000 people (2006), The Beagle’s management endeavours to use locally produced goods and services, maintaining its main offices in Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island. The Beagle has been awarded the Smart Voyager certificate, which is granted to tourist operations after careful inspection of their adherence to sound conservation practices.

Samba Photo Gallery


The underwater world was impressive, we saw hammer head sharks, sea rays and marine turtles. Playful sea lion were following us all the way!

Richard - Januaray 2018

Our time on board The Beagle was truly amazing. The crew and the food were excellent; we loved every minute of it!  

Roy & Anita - Cruise date December 5 / 2017