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Galapagos Experience

Galapagos Experience is a top quality tour operator, specialized in tailor-made travel experiences. Our tours and cruises combine top rated accommodations, one-on-one service with a fantastic natural, historical and cultural approach.

At Galapagos Experience we take pride of:

Experienced and efficient team
Ethical and respectful treatment
One to one personalized service
Immediate response to your inquiries
Very competitive prices and best value for your money

Our tours not only offer an unforgettable Experience, but by booking with Galapagos Experience, you will be contributing to wildlife conservation in fragile ecosystem such as the Galapagos Islands, and local community projects throughout minland Ecuador.

Galapagos Experience – Managing Director

Our type of Cruises

Sailing and sailboats have been our specialty since the very beginning more than a decade ago. Our flag ship the M/S Beagle will take you to a world of discovery in the remote Galapagos archipelago. Our experienced crew and guides will make your cruise a journey of a lifetime.

Through our naturalist cruises get to know the islands’ best visitor points and unique wilderness on land and underwater.  Walk along breathtaking landscapes, or snorkel with sea lions or penguins. All our daily activities are lead by certified Galapagos Naturalist Guides and always following the Galapagos National Park rules.

If diving is your passion, you must get underwater in this Marine Sanctuary called Galapagos Islands. Diving spots where our explorers are taken, depend on the level of experience and number of immersions performed by our divers.  Nevertheless, Galapagos will for sure mark a before-and-after on your diving records.  Join any of our diving cruises aboard the M/Y Danubio Azul for eight days and let our dive masters show the amazing world Galapagos has to offered to certain privileged ones.