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The underwater world was impressive, we saw hammer head sharks, sea rays and marine turtles.

Playful sea lion were following us all the way!

Richard - January 2018


Motor Sailing boat
Sail away on the Beagle to the Galapagos Islands

Danubio Azul

Diving Motor Yacht
Experience the Galapagos underwater and on land


Motor Catamaran
Explore the Galapagos Islands
in Style


The Samba: The magic of the Galapagos Islands

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The  amazing andean country of ecuador lies in the middle of the world, full of distintive flora and fauna in each of its unique regions: the Pacific coast, cloud forests, snowcapped volcanoes in the Andes and the Amazon Rainforest. to top off this increduble variety of ecosystems, Ecuador also has the only natural laboratory of wildlife evolution the Galapagos Islands.

Andes Tours

Ecuador Andes Tours

The Ecuatorian andes is formes by two parallel mountain ranges that are aligned form north to south, along which you can find more that are aligned from north to south,along which you can find more than 14 active volcanoes, Nowadays them are in the process of eruption often offering amazing views of eruption of ten offering amazing viewa of this natural event. All This conbined whith the clolorful indigenous markets and brethking landscapes make this region a must see. Not to mention, you will have the oppotunity to be in the only part of the planet where thr equatorial line crosses over the highlands.

Discovering The Andes​

In the 9 day tour you will travle along the Ecuatorian Andes from north to south, discovering incredible protectcities,native communties and markets, located in fertile valleys and at the foothills of majestic volcanoes

Ecuadro by Train

This is an unforgettable trip on board a comfortable world heritage train that travels via the old railroad that was built in the early nineteen hundreds. The route starts in Quito heading thtough the famous avenue of th volcanoes until arriving at the coast

Amazon Rainfores Tours

Amazon Rainforest Tours

The Amazon region is considered one of the top 25 biodiversity hot spots on the planet. it has a grater variety of plants and animals then any other place in the world.Besides you will have the oppotunity to ahre with local indegenous communities and learn about them.

Napo Wild Center

Napo wildlife center is one of the most buartiful ecoldges in the entire rainforest and one of the best in south america.  here you can experience the grat biodiversity that exists in our country

Napo Cutural Center

This loge is located in yasuni national park and it was developed by the women of the community to create an opportunity for tourists to stay in thir home,and participate in amazonian life and culture

La Selva Ecolodge

A luxury resort located within the yasuni biosphere reserve, in the heart of the rainforest.
La Selve Lodge is perfect for adventure travelers seeking a relaxing and comfortable stay in the Amazon